Bill and his bread; great memories |

Bill and his bread; great memories

The obituary for Bill Little brought back fond memories of his culinary creations. The accompanying photo captures perfectly his look of good-humored hospitality.

I worked at Buttermilk Restaurant the first two winters I was here, back in 1962-63 and ’63-64, and didn’t really need Little Cliff’s Bakery. However, by the summer of 1964, when I worked on the Ski Corp. crew that was building the North Star Trail, his bread truly became my staff of life.

Every morning before work, I would go to the little building located across from City Hall and buy a standard-sized loaf of bread that was a long uncut cinnamon roll. The smell inside the bakery was powerful and gentle, like Bill himself, who was in sight of the counter much of the time.

His wife knew me by sight and would be reaching for my heart’s desire the moment I showed up in the doorway. It was one of the elements that made me want to stay here the rest of my life.

David Bentley