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Biking & barbecuing

May Selby
Su Lovell and Jesse Davenport.

The Davenport clan of Old Snowmass hosted their third annual summer shindig last Saturday. Sponsored by Red Bull, Fourteen Vodka, Clif Bar and other high-octane brands, pro athlete Chris Davenport shared his bountiful supply of product in the garage with his guests. The consummate host, Dav ensured everyone was hydrated and energized during the group ride earlier in the day as well as at the post-biking barbecue afterward.

About 30 friends rode the loop on Hay Park Trail, which delivered them back to the Davenport compound a few hours later. After several days of rain, the trail was reportedly slick in sections and thick with mud in others. The group stuck together for the most part with the exception of rider Charles Kirsten who took a wrong turn near the end and ended up arriving an hour or so after the rest of the pack.

Moe’s Southwest Grill supplied the Mexican buffet for the hungry cyclists who worked up appetites on the trail. Another 30 or so friends stopped by for the party, playing ping pong, jumping on the trampoline and sparring with water guns in the driveway. “That was good, clean fun,” said a friend as she left the party.

Making it an even more memorable summer event, the evening concluded after the full moon rose over a ridge.