Bikers, beware Cemetery Lane |

Bikers, beware Cemetery Lane

Dear Editor:

I would like to caution all pedestrians and bikers to be extremely careful while using the Cemetery Lane bike path.

Apparently the bikers and pedestrians have no right of way on this path. They must yield to the vehicles ” not only to those on the cross streets and coming out of driveways, but also to the cars and trucks turning from the road into the driveways. I learned this lesson the hard way.

On the evening of Aug. 20, I was riding my bike home from a long day of work. I was relieved to be on our nice bike path. I noticed a black car driving down Cemetery Lane parallel to me. I squeezed my brakes and crashed into the vehicle.

I was horrified, stunned and wounded. The drive politely gave me a ride home, but an hour later I was in the emergency room with a broken clavicle, hand and ribs. I also had contusions head to toe.

The driver said he didn’t see me, but I certainly saw him. I had no idea he was turning my way. The driver had evidently turned blindly. I am terrified for anyone who uses the bike path.

The Cemetery Lane bike path is unsafe. The police told me that this accident was my fault. Apparently bikers have to yield to all vehicles, even those turning from the road. Be aware, and beware while using the Cemetery Lane bike path.

Betty Severy


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