Bike trail traffic jam |

Bike trail traffic jam

Many people may not know that the Rio Grande bike path was originally designed for recreational use. When we purchased our home along the path seven years ago, we were under the assumption that it would remain as such.

Recently, and very unfortunately, the bike path has become a route for bike commuters. This unprecedented use was never contemplated by anyone!

With new employee housing projects at the W/J Ranch and the North Forty at the AABC, the trail has its own rush hour twice every day, jammed with people riding their bikes to and from work (some runners, too). We shudder to think what will happen when the Burlingame employee housing project is completed.

The situation on the path is becoming dangerous as well as noisy. The river, especially in this drought year, can barley be heard above the din from squeaky bicycles and chatty riders and runners.

Earlier this summer we witnessed a near miss by two women. They nearly killed each other and then had a profanity laced shouting match, right below our deck, that would make even a lowly rugby player blush. This is insane!

We think it would be proper for the City Council to make an ordinance disallowing commuting on the Rio Grande bike path. Bicycle commuters should be required to use the bike path that runs along Highway 82 and across the Maroon Creek Bridge, just like their counterparts commuting in cars.

Let’s take this action before the problem gets totally out of hand.

Sheila and Roger Kannard


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