Bike Rodeo thanks |

Bike Rodeo thanks

Dear Editor:

Basalt Recreation and Basalt Police Department hosted the Senenth annual Bike Rodeo on May 20 at Arbaney Park. It was a wonderful learning experience for all our young bikers getting ready to hit the streets for a summer of biking fun.

We would like to thank our volunteers who helped make this a very successful rodeo.

Thanks to Basalt’s mayor, Leroy Duroux, and our town administrator, Bill Kane, for their work at the registration table. Thanks to Joel Mischke and his crew from Basalt Bike and Ski, Charlie Eckart, Annie Gonzales, Elliott Larson and Jason Lapointe for helmet and bike safety checks. Thanks to Basalt Police Department volunteers, Keith Ikeda, Brian Lemke, Stu Curry, Dino Gonzalez, Crystal Pierce and Jewel Heisig for showing the riders safety on the road. Thanks to Basalt Fire Protection District, Jerry Peetz, Eric Rock, Devin Pool and Steve Stefferud for bringing the cool fire truck for the students to explore and their help on the course. Thanks to Judi Tippetts and dog Halley for their enthusiastic help. Thanks to Robi Darcy, who has been a big part of the rodeo for so many years. Thank you to Michael Hutton for his untiring efforts of organizing the rodeo. And finally, a big thanks to Colorado 500 for their financial support of the Basalt Bike Rodeo.

Dorothy Howard

Basalt Recreation Department