Bike-less in Aspen |

Bike-less in Aspen

Dear Editor:

Quite disturbed and perplexed by the person who seems to have jumped on the wrong black Santa Cruz Blur mountain bike the other day after leaving Wells Fargo. Please consider listening to or having a conscience and doing the right thing and returning it.

I’ve been training the past two months for a mountain bike race that takes place this weekend and am now bike-less and will have to look like the Citi card rewards commercial.

A warning to cyclists around Aspen to be sure to lock your bikes and still keep an eye on them. Seems it’s that time of the year where bike thefts are on the rise.

On another note, thanks, Aspen, for a great last 10 years. I’m off on a private teaching assignment for the year but will always consider Aspen as a place I can call home ” Go Skiers!

Lance Finkbeiner


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