Bigger doesn’t mean better |

Bigger doesn’t mean better

Dear Editor:

First, let me thank you for not spraying the apple trees. You don’t know how many of us appreciate that!

I am concerned about the proposed hospital. I don’t believe a need for it has been established. The one we have is rarely full, and a valley this small can’t support more than one large hospital. Valley View has a dandy. We don’t need to compete with them, and bigger is not necessarily better. For example, a larger hospital wouldn’t have kept Mick from getting blood clots in his lungs. However, the proper amount of blood thinner at the onset could have. Personnel is more important than the building.

Even though AVH is not old, if The Given Institute is historic, then so is the hospital. They were both built in the ’70s. How can you have one rule for one and another for the other?

For the folks who say the hospital isn’t big enough – it was a 55-room hospital until 15 or so years ago, when they reduced it to 25 rooms so it could be designated a critical access status and therefore get state or federal funding; not sure which, but it doesn’t matter.

The new proposed hospital would subsidize doctors while giving them all of that office space. Let’s keep doctors in town to limit the traffic and keep the roundabout less jammed. The school traffic is disgusting enough.

With all that is being talked about for that section, the construction noise, destruction and pollution would be beyond intense. Why not enlarge the community garden out there so more folks can grow their own food; therefore eating healthier and cutting back on produce trucks entering town. Aspen needs to be in the forefront of stewarding the earth in this post-apocalyptic era. Yes, the veil has been lifted, and we’ve seen where we’ve gone wrong with the economy, the environment, and human health and relations to nature.

I urge you to vote no on anything more than a necessary addition or remodel. With the new Aspen Club designated to be the fantastic wellness center and physical therapy unit it claims to be, what more could we need or desire?

But most important of all is leaders need to learn to say “no.” That is one of the big problems in this country today. Authority says yes to everyone and everything, and therefore there are few regulations and little enforcement of the ones we do have. It’s all about image!

At least, get proof we need a new and huge hospital other than it just looking good, new and massive or putting a feather in someone’s hat so he can put it on his resume and then move on to the next job in another town. Aspen has more than its share of think tanks, forums of all kinds, and you name it. When will we ever walk our talk?

Roine St. Andre


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