Bigger, better, Basalt? |

Bigger, better, Basalt?

Dear Editor:

I used to boast to my Aspen friends how restrictive our growth policies have become in Basalt, resulting in a higher quality of life for its residents, including me. Unfortunately with the recent Willits Super Expansion all but approved, I seem to no longer have bragging rights. I feel the Basalt Town Council betrayed a community that through both elections and surveys, always indicated a “small town feeling” was their top priority.

But fear not, Basaltines, all is not lost yet! Our downtown urban area is still up for grabs, and many developers have proposed grabbing while the grabbing is good. Let us rise up and hold the council’s feet to the fire by letting them know the silent majority does have a voice. Express it in e-mails, letters, phone calls or meetings, and let them know our downtown is not for sale.

Bruce Gabow