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Big hugs

(This letter was originally addressed to the Elks Lodge and Elks Scholarship Committee.)Dear Editor:Graduation was a memorable and amazing day for me. All the years of school, all the weeks of preparation, everything led up to one of the most incredible days of my life.I would like to thank you for being a part of such an unforgettable day of my life by selecting me for your scholarship.That day, being up onstage, and then hearing my name being called, sent a complete shock through my body and then spread a huge smile across my face. Your support of me, not only financially, but also with your good blessings and thoughts, will go further than you will ever know. It feels so good to have my community backing me as I enter this new phase of life and go into my studies. I will be able to stay motivated knowing that I have so much support back home.I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to go to college and also for your gracious donation to the rising tuition costs. Thank you so incredibly much for your scholarship, and I will do my best to make you all at the Elks Lodge and everyone who supports me here proud. For all you’ve done for me and for all of the past and future Aspen High graduates, I give you all big hugs and pour out my appreciation.Amanda ChristianElks Lodge scholarship recipient