Big discovery, small town |

Big discovery, small town

Dear Editor:

One day in the village of Snowmass, the fall of 2010,

Big excavators and haulers operated by men

Uncovered a discovery hidden deep in the ground

Which would excite and amaze, bringing people from all around.

With bulldozers roaring loudly and the noise of the CAT

One man looked down and yelled “What is that?”

The machines stopped cold, the men stepped into the muck.

There was a bone sticking up, right next to a truck.

The huge bone in the earth was something never seen by this crew,

Important and special, that they knew, but what it was they had no clue.

So they called in the scientists to look at their finds

And when the experts arrived, it blew their minds.

There were bones from ancient animals determined to be about 12,000 years old.

To the archaeologists this find was more precious than gold.

The prehistoric animals roamed here in he Pleistocene,

An epoch during which, in the high Rockies, these bones had never been seen.

During the last ice age, mammoths, mastodons, bison and giant sloths too,

Roamed our Roaring Fork Valley, which the experts never knew.

As the earth-moving equipment and people continued to dig, they found bones galore,

A true treasure trove, a “sacred trust,” and they kept finding more.

This site is important, “world class” in some views.

Another chapter of the rich history of our valley is now in the news.

Teach your children well about this find.

Teach them about these ancient animals and picture them HERE in your mind.

Darlene Liss