Big-box blues |

Big-box blues

Dear Editor:We are wondering why the “big-box” issue is rearing its less than-lovely-head again.The electorate rejected a big-box once through the ballot and once again through the labor intensive, all-inclusive and thorough Economic Roadmap process. The Roadmap group involved hundreds of citizens and thousands of volunteer hours. We heard that town officials even called it “democracy in action.” So why not respect and accept the recommendations of the work they did?As we understand it, the Economic Roadmap Group clearly presented two well-considered options to the powers that be. Their recommendations reinforced the results of the referendum on this issue. They set a hard cap of 60,000 square feet for large stores. They were very clear about no big-box. As Carbondale and the Roaring Fork Valley are actively working on becoming a center of all things green, sustainable, solar and organic, why not respect and reflect these values in all new development? Why bring another large agent of our consumer culture into this jewel of a place? Why keep trying to build and buy more, more, more? The bigger the boxes, the more stuff we need to fill them and the more cement that covers the land – precious land that we need to grow our own food locally. How much do we really need? Where does it all go when we throw all these things away? Where are the limits? Diane Kenney and John McCormickCarbondale

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