BIDs a roll of the dice |

BIDs a roll of the dice

Dear Editor:Whether one or more Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) will lessen or solve Aspen’s retail cash register practices to turn shops and restaurants into gushing oil wells of Spindle Top magnitude is more than a roll of the dice or a prayer to the almighty dollar.Spindle Top in American oil history was a Texas wonder.Although I attended the Aspen Commercial Core and Lodging Commission meeting at City Hall and experienced an excellent presentation by Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District Executive Director Jane Jenkins, I listened, asked questions and observed.Reporter Thomas Watkins’ article “Downtown core gets BID preview” (Aspen Daily News, Jan. 20) and reporter Janet Urquhart’s article “Aspen mulls new Business Improvement District” (Aspen Times, Jan. 20) give small insight into the minds of the attendees at the CCLC session, chaired by Bill Dinsmoor, and the ramifications for such a commercial amalgamation considering what Aspen presently has to work with in the business arena, let alone the employee pool.I have found that knowledgeable employees like Todd Gaetke of Labor Source, who see a far more complete economic geographical motion picture of Aspen, could have made this CCLC meeting more meaningful for Dinsmoor than some of the voices I heard. They are the same voices one hears whether you are in Aspen or Southern California, and they still are unschooled business owners or leaders but they have the money and hire and fire.”Curious George” was a children’s book about a monkey and his antics, from what I can recall from my childhood memory, and if he had been called Daniel, he would have probably made more of an idiot of himself by helping to run a business on a mall where he crawls and falls.How many Aspen retail owners and managers can make the BID not to be “Curious George” or Daniel?In the land of Aspen make believe, will the Aspen attempt to establish a BID have a happy Beverly Hills ending or an Aspen ending?Rick Fucci of Coates, Read, Waldron, before you roll the dice, do predict the Aspen BID outcome for all to see.Emzy Veazy III, Esq.

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