Biased reporting |

Biased reporting

Dear Editor:

Regarding the July 19th article in the Aspen Daily News, this was a very slanted article toward the hot-dog cart owner. The owner Jim Tylich gave me permission to speak to the Aspen Daily News after he spoke to Curtis Wackerle (the writer of the article); he was told this was to be an unbiased article based on the issue of food carts in Aspen. It now appears the motive of the writer was to make it appear the gallery was the reason for losing his permit.

To set the record straight, the cart owner was operating under an erroneously issued permit outside the original agreement issued to the city of Aspen, and without the proper approval of the owner, the “Tom Thumb Building Association,” which when put before the board of directors was voted down 2-1.

If Curtis Wackerle was to be unbiased in his article why would he not consider the negative impact a food cart such as this would have on our local restaurants (which are struggling to pay their bills due to the recession)? These businesses pay property taxes, sales taxes, insurance, mortgages, rents and employ a large percentage of the population living in the Roaring Fork Valley – and were losing 80 to 300 meals a day to a food cart that paid $50 for his permit.

The Aspen Fine Art Gallery is not responsible for Ryan Chadwick (the cart owner) losing his permit. Mr. Chadwick will have to accept that responsibility himself for not following proper procedure in obtaining the permit in the first place, failing to issue his intent to the property manager along with a business plan outlining his hours of operation, menu, cleaning regiment for the areas affected by his cart, and deviation from his original agreement given to the surrounding businesses and the city of Aspen as to his hours of operation.

It would have been nice if Mr. Wackerle was truly unbiased, as good reporters are expected to be; that obviously was not the case in this article.

Sam Higbee


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