Beyond the ‘D’ and the ‘R’ |

Beyond the ‘D’ and the ‘R’

(This letter was originally addressed to Eagle County voters.)Dear Editor:Suppose a priest in the Catholic Church decided he did not like something about the church so he quit and became a deacon at the Mormon Church. Now he needs a job, and wants a job as preacher at your Baptist Church. Would you hire him? Probably not. It is hard to say just what he believes. He might have a good line, but that is about it.So why would you consider hiring Sara Fisher just because of the fact that she is campaigning as a Democrat? She was a Republican all her life until she had a disagreement with some of the folks in the local Republican Party, so she quit them and registered as unaffiliated. When she decided to campaign for the commissioners job, she registered as a Democrat in 2005, so she could have the support of the Democratic Party. She had to be registered in the party for one year to be eligible for selection as a candidate and barely made the time.If the “D” and the “R” on the ballot is supposed to tell you something about what the candidate believes in, how can it tell you anything about Sara Fisher? Does she really support either party or is this just a ploy to get a job? Sara’s answers to questions about the issues are usually long, but I am never sure what she said when she gets done. Maybe she should get a job as a car salesman or as that preacher.People have made statements in the paper that they are not voting for any Republicans because they are upset about the administration in Washington. This would be a very foolish thing to do in the commissioners’ race. Look at the person, what he believes in and has accomplished, and what is best for Eagle County, and you will vote for Tom Edwards. The folks in Washington will never know the difference and Eagle County will be a much better place.There are two ways you can lose in this election. One is to not vote and the other is to vote for Sara Fisher. Be a winner and vote for Tom.P.S. Tom Edwards is not responsible for the contents of this letter. I write it because I am concerned about the welfare of Eagle County. We desperately need common sense and responsibility in the office of Eagle County Commissioner.Mike LederhauseMcCoy, Colo.

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