Bewildering drama |

Bewildering drama

Dear Editor:Well, it is coming around to that very special time of year in November at the Hotel Colorado when we Santa Claus elves work our Christmas magic for the only spectacular holiday “function at the junction” between Denver and Salt Lake City, Utah.Recently I cut loose my sales job at a Los Angeles-area mortgage brokerage to create new greater personal opportunities and advancement for myself like maybe sitting down at the table with one or two Aspen Skiing Co. bigwigs to discuss a little of my dance nightclub business chain business plan with them and my newly emerging coffee house chain to include Aspen, Oakland, Burlingame (Calif.) and Burbank. Aspen is the town, and its resort is Skico. It is correct business sense in resort-dominated areas like Aspen, Snowmass and Vail to confer with their resort companies as an appropriate business measure and courtesy. Business transparency is very important in today’s smart consumer market as are private meetings behind closed doors when needed between commercial parties.So with all this bewildering drama before your eyes, I hope you visit me at the Hotel Colorado during my stay there Nov. 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20 as I and the other elves stage craft our Christmas production setup. Feel free to come on by the Hotel Colorado to eat, drink and be merry as you see me work Christmas enchantment before your very eyes. I’ll sit down and talk with you if you like. Come on down to watch and snap pictures of the making of the “Christmas Function at the Junction.”Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Burbank, Calif.

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