Beware the wolves |

Beware the wolves

Dear Editor:

Not so many years ago former President Clinton got us out of debt (yes, I know, poor morals … but incredibly solid financial judgment). He did that by taxing the very, very wealthy, giant corporate people and giant corporations, like the oil industry, who are currently making billions in profits. The people screaming about the evils of raising taxes are the ones with more than enough money to pay for millions of dollars of ads. Former President Bush got breaks for all his wealthy friends and saddled Obama with a horrible deficit. Rocket launched, science understood.

Closer to home, there is the gubernatorial race. When one of the candidates has a proven dislike for people of color, minorities of any sort and has enormous amounts of anger and little respect for the environment, one wonders about his viability as a governor, let alone a rational human being. If you don’t know which candidate he is, do some research (not television ads), and it should be pretty clear.

In the Senate race, Mr. Bennet has not taken away jobs and raised taxes … the money folks at the top have restricted spending for jobs and development and thus crippled most efforts to make positive changes. The same is true for the Salazars, who are good honest men. The fellow running against Bennet has some very strange ideas about privatizing Social Security, women’s rights (on all levels) and puts out half-truths to discredit his opponent.

In the state Senate race, Gail Schwartz has done an outstanding job as a senator, developing programs and policies that support education and the environment, and humanity in general; she is the best person for the position.

As for the amendments, 60, 61 and 101 are basically ways to make it look like taxpayers will save money; well yes, lowering taxes, but severely depleting all sorts of programs in education, disabled services and the general upkeep of the state.

I don’t have money, but I know that we have to support some sort of system or the state cannot function. It will make things much worse … not better.

In our own back yard, a guy from out of town wants to be sheriff. He seems to think that just because the guy he’s running against has worked with the current sheriff it makes him some sort of hand-me-down candidate. Just plain not true, and for the record I have felt very safe here for many years and like the community the way it is.

Please think and be logical about this election. The people crying “wolf” are wolves, and they are going to bite us and cause serious damage if we let them.

Karen D’Attilo


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