Beware the governmental bogeyman |

Beware the governmental bogeyman

Dear Editor:Legislation that needs passing – somehow Congress can never quite get around to it.When it comes to something really evil, such as undermining the Constitution, attacking the Bill of Rights, granting immunity to neocon vermin from prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity already committed and to be done in the future, or giving a low-life would-be dictator like Bush the power to indefinitely imprison people without trial or court review – hey, no problem. The Republicans and Democrats can conspire together and get this passed in record time.Oh, and another half-trillion for the Pentagon, on top of the half-trillion they have already pissed away in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s right – a trillion dollars. Enough to provide universal health care, plus a decent retirement to people who paid Social Security for 50 years, plus aid to the world’s needy.Fortunately for these Democrats and Republicans, they have figured out that no matter how much they steal and lie, all they have to do is say, “The bogeyman is coming … bin Laden is gonna get you!” and the cowardly ignoramuses will vote them right back into office.Richard GordonAspen

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