Beware the extreme Smuggler sledders |

Beware the extreme Smuggler sledders

Dear Editor:

So, it seems that with all the Generation X’ers arriving in town, the Baby Boomers have something to prove to ’em.

Last night, whilst climbing Smuggler for a sunset hike, I was intrigued to see several 50-something-year-olds descending the road on tiny plastic mini-luges! Some of ’em seemed a little out of control, and were traveling down at speeds well up toward 10 mph.

Steering the rigs was quite a challenge, it seemed, and they were announcing their lack of ability to steer these suckers, by crying out as loud as they could “get your dog out of the way.” I looked at Martin, and he looked at me like they may need to concentrate more than worry about us. No doubt a 200-pound missile clipping your ankles could take you down, beware all Smuggler hikers.

Whilst we’re at it, is there a penalty for anyone found booting those little doggie-doo bags, which are quite prolific at this time of the year? I know someone who joyfully volleys those little green bags over the side – can’t say I blame him. Although they may be bio-degradable, everything is bio-degradable, even City Market bags, if you wait long enough. Good job those Mastodons in Snowmass took care of business discreetly n’est pas?

Anyway, as I try to become more tolerant with my advancing years, I even try to ignore people on cell phones blabbering away about nonsense at the observation deck up top, I had to laugh on my way down. In 2011, you buy one of these little sleds from the Miners Building, I know because I saw the ad in the paper, made in China. In 1986 we used to nick the trays from the old Sundeck cafeteria on the last day of the season, under the influence, and come down Spar at Mach 2 ourselves, X Gaming it before ESPN had ever been to Aspen.

Max Suthren


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