Betty Hoops breaks world record, again |

Betty Hoops breaks world record, again

Joel Stonington

Betty “Hoops” Shurin, an Aspen local known for hula hooping while snowboarding, has broken her own world record for the fastest 10-kilometer hula hoop.

Last year, Shurin set the world record by running the Bolder Boulder race in 1 hour 43 minutes and 11 seconds.

This year, she finished in less than 1 hour 28 minutes.

But in order to qualify for a Guinness world record, the entire run has to be videotaped to make sure the hoop doesn’t drop or get touched.

“We actually outran the camerawoman, who sucked,” Shurin said. “We get there, and five minutes into it, she trips over her own foot and falls. Caught up with us in the first mile.”

Still, Shurin said the running was a blast and people on the sidelines cheered her on as she ran past with signs explaining the world record attempt.

In order to complete the race, Shurin had some friends and co-workers form a bubble around her so no one would knock down the hula hoop.

“I communicated with the bubble and the bubble communicated with me,” Shurin said. “For every water and Gatorade station, they would circle around me and hold hands. I had about 3 inches of mistake room.”

Shurin first hooped it up at a music festival in 1998. She said she quickly realized that her yoga training would apply to the movement that went along with hula hooping. In the years since, she has turned hooping into a full-time job, both teaching around the country and selling thousands of hoops each year.

“It was really a full-body thing,” she said. “I started to incorporate all the principles of yoga training ” posture, energy movement, relaxation to the mind, youthful movement ” and it was a kick-ass workout. My whole body was sore, depending on the hooping.”

Shurin will teach hula hooping at the Thursday concerts at Snowmass this summer. Or catch up with her at

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