Better treatment, more respect |

Better treatment, more respect

Dear Editor:

The likes of Stay Aspen Snowmass President Bill Tomcich, Aspen Square Hotel Condominiums general manager Warren Klug and public relations chick Jeanette Darnauer and their cohorts of 800-plus business members in the Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA) still are in La-La Land, as demonstrated repeatedly in articles like “Rift grows between ACRA, City Council” (Aspen Daily News, Aug. 29) and “ACRA looks for a voice” (Aspen Times, Aug. 29).

ACRA must be sniffing some funny stuff to think its memberships’ and it other local non-ACRA business flunkies’ institutionalized coordinated disrespect and marginalization of us Americans in the Aspen workplace and the rest of the Roaring Fork Valley does not have “blow back” just like the consequences that caused Sept. 11.

Dr. Chalmers, the only one to ever sign from the Council on Foreign Relations, assertively spoke about “blowback” after Sept. 11. Read his book “Blow Back” and apply what his says to Aspen if some of you ACRA punks do have a four-year college education.

I am on record that ACRA should be more assertive in government forums, but the likes of “Three Dollar” Bill Tomcich and “Clucking Body Parts” Warren Klug love to ignore my existence and not show us Americans “good faith” by bringing me on board to work with them and improve their policy logic and behavior to be better shape to make them suppress and eliminate their repugnant business-as usual-and-let-the-Americans-be-damned attitude.

Treat me and the rest of us Americans much better; then Canadian David Perry, Aspen Skiing Co. senior vice president, will come to see an American reality that will produce works that never cease.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.