Better off with Ittner |

Better off with Ittner

Better off with Ittner

Dear Editor:

I’m voting for Rob Ittner because I know him to be a person of integrity, intelligence and heartfelt concern and respect for others. He’s successfully run a small business through good times and bad – he’s the kind of person with the kind of business that is making an essential contribution to our economic recovery.

I know that he understands and appreciates the importance of a healthy environment – he understands that a dewatered stream, such as could happen with Castle Creek, is bad for the environment and bad for the economy. And Rob knows the value of a strong community and the commitment it takes to build community – he’s willing to stand up for and do what is right for us, the people that pay the taxes – Rob is exactly the sort of person we need as county commissioner – I believe he understands and knows how to achieve the balance between a healthy economy, a vibrant community and a sustainable environment.

Please give Rob your vote – our community will be a better place with Rob Ittner as a county commissioner.

Dee Malone


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