Better late than never

Dear Editor:This letter is in reference to the article about a resident living in an apartment in Crystal Meadows Senior Housing in Carbondale (“Senior is fighting eviction,” Feb. 12). This resident is threatened with eviction and has made many complaints against manager Jerilyn Nieslanik and also our maintenance man, Kerry McQuay.I moved to Crystal Meadows housing almost four years ago from a similar senior housing project in Salt Lake City, Utah. The manager in that facility was as close to a Nazi-like image that one can get. Jerilyn is an angel, by comparison. She is kind, loving and takes her job very seriously. Kerry is a dedicated maintenance man, and takes excellent care of our repair needs. I feel personally offended that these fine people have been so vehemently attacked, and only regret that I am tardy in sending this letter. We seniors often have a tendency to drag our feet.Dorothy B. DoyleCarbondale