Better discussion desired |

Better discussion desired

Reading the articles and the letters to the editor regarding the state of our public schools, I search for substantive discussion of the issues and instead find mostly pejorative characterizations of the various people seeking the reform and betterment of our community’s schools.

What if instead of focusing exclusively on the “who?” part of the public school reform debate, there were articles that helped frame the question of “what?” type of educational opportunity this community desires to provide its children?

The breadth and caliber of the education we want for our children requires very thoughtful and rigorous public debate that has yet to occur.

It may be that the community will decide that it is satisfied with a school district that performs on the top of the state average (once it is fully understood what that means, and also what it does not mean). Or, the community might decide that its schools should be at least commensurate with its world class skiing, music, film, dance, literary and arts facilities and events.

Whatever the final outcome, our children and entire community deserve a substantive discussion of the issues regarding the future of public school education and what we hope that education can provide.

Marcella Larsen Chilson

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