Best thrift shop in the country |

Best thrift shop in the country

Dear Editor:

Last week, we had two Malian music groups here to perform at the Wheeler (thank you Gram for bringing them). They live on the edge of and in the Sahara desert. During their tours, they make a point of always going to thrift shops or other secondhand stores in every town they visit.

Word is that the Aspen Thrift Shop is the BEST they have ever seen in Europe or the U.S., hands down. Some of us knew that already didn’t we? Still it’s nice to be reminded of our local treasures on occasion. We can all support their capital fund drive and donate at Alpine Bank so our donation is matched. Good idea!

Two of the Tuareg band members took one-piece ski suits home with them. Perhaps the winter nights in the Sahara are colder than we think?

Georgia and Andy Hanson


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