Bershenyi responsive to Garfield County voters |

Bershenyi responsive to Garfield County voters

Dear Editor:

Let’s keep local elections local. Philips Yates’ article (Post Independent, Oct. 18) informing us that political action money from big oil companies is influencing local elections is bad news for all of us. When commercial interests flood local elections with money that our candidates cannot hope to match you know they hope to take the election out of our hands and out of local control.

Yates reports that this gas and oil money is being used to support John Martin’s bid for re-election as county commissioner. Martin has identified himself as wanting to be a business partner with gas and oil companies. Gas and oil activity in Garfield has its plusses and minuses, but certainly no candidate for commissioner that identifies himself as a proponent for any specific industry will get my vote. Commissioners are charged with representing the interests of the citizens of Garfield County, not the commercial interests of gas and oil companies. We don’t need any more roads to nowhere.

You have to ask yourself what the energy companies want to accomplish by throwing

this much money into our local election. Obviously they want to influence the future in their favor. And perhaps they are trying to convince our politicians that they cannot get elected without the support of gas and oil. This is a bad omen for our future, and I encourage you to reject this political overture (power grab) by gas and oil and send a message that they cannot buy your vote.

Whatever the ultimate intent of gas and oil is, you can be sure that their agenda and their priorities are very different from yours and your fellow citizens. To allow our political process to be hijacked by special interests is to give up local control of our future.

My vote is for Stephen Bershenyi, a local politician supported by local voters.

Bershenyi has repeatedly emphasized the need for commissioners to be, above all

else, responsive to the voters. He will listen objectively to all Garfield businesses but be beholden to none. Vote Bershenyi and keep our county under our control.

Michael Larime

Glenwood Springs

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