Benson is more than what you read |

Benson is more than what you read

Dear Editor:Throughout the past week I have seen the circumstance of my brother’s resignation covered in the paper. Many individuals in the community have commented on his character, his decision to resign and the affects on the students in my community.First, those who believe he is selfish and his actions are purely for ego, spend a day with him. Does a man purely driven by ego devote his life to students, athletes and community like him? Giving three days a week throughout the summer to work in the weight room with all the athletes. Giving more that a full-time commitment during season to assure the development of both players’ character and ability. Spending his offseason developing a program for the following season that assures growth as a team and individual talent. I was privileged to be raised in a community where there is so much involvement in students and athletes lives. Exceptional amounts of time are given and he raises the bar for time and commitment to a program. Travis truly devotes himself to his team for a love of the game and players.Many things over the past few years have angered me with Aspen High School politics. I see the individuals that were truly dedicated to programs and students forced from the school through the politics of a few people. People that I truly see as leaders and mentors committed to the students are lost because of these selfish actions. I see the unique programs that develop Aspen students being discounted for academic performance. The academics will always be there. More importantly, the school has the ability to develop strong, successful, intelligent and rare individuals through programs and individuals that are dedicated to the success of graduates. He is one of these graduates as well as someone that can influence the next generation of graduates as exhibited through his involvement currently with the students.Where is Diana Sirko’s husband in his spare time? Is he willing to involve himself in the community and school as Travis has? I believe he could be a great mentor and teacher of my brother. No one can argue with his experience, success and knowledge of the game. I believe, however, that my brother is equally qualified for the position, each able to give to the program. If only the administration could have seen each man’s qualifications over numbers of years, and wins and losses.Mostly I don’t want the community to see Travis’ actions through articles in the paper. I want the community to know what a remarkable individual he is, someone I look up to. He has so much to offer the students and I regret that the selfish actions of some have tarnished his ability to work with the athletes of Aspen High School. There is nothing that I can say that can explain both my hurt and disappointment in the school, as well as disbelief for what my brother is going through by the position the administration has forced upon him. Shana M. BensonAHS class of 1998McMurdo Station, Antarctica

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