Bennet is smart, compassionate |

Bennet is smart, compassionate

Dear Friends:We would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about an extraordinary man whose hard work and commitment have recently received our attention. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado is up for re-election, and Joe and I feel so strongly about his great work that we wanted to spread the word before the contested primary on Tuesday. I would like to first highlight his voting record, which speaks for itself. He is an honest man. He has taken risks and he has fought for what he believes is right for this country and for the state of Colorado. To see a list of the impressive legislation that he has sponsored and co-sponsored, go to this link: is brilliant and down to earth. He is genuine and cares deeply for his lovely wife and beautiful children. It is obvious that he holds human rights and equality very close to his heart. As you all know, the well-being of Haiti’s children is my life’s work. I have found support in many places. Sen. Michael Bennet has been an incredible advocate for the people of Haiti, and specifically, the children in Mercy & Sharing’s programs. His team in Washington and in Denver has been committed to helping the children of Haiti since well before the earthquake, as it was Sen. Bennet who helped recognize Mercy & Sharing’s work through a soft earmark in the FY 2010 Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill. Since then, the senator’s office has written letters of support to help Mercy & Sharing seek funds to expand our programs in order to accommodate the growing need in Haiti. The senator has demonstrated intelligence and compassion on many occasions, and we are grateful to have his support during this difficult time of rebuilding and recovery in Haiti. We hope that you take the time to learn about Sen. Michael Bennet, and are moved to vote for him in the primary election on Tuesday and in the general election on the second of November. Joe and Susan KrabacherAspen

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