Bennet backs women’s rights |

Bennet backs women’s rights

Dear Editor:

If you are a woman or love women, then I would strongly encourage you to vote for Michael Bennet for senator. Michael has been effective in trying to move the pro-family and pro-woman agenda forward. His opponent is out of touch with mainstream women’s rights thinking.

For example, there have been four female Supreme Court justices in the history of America with three currently serving. One female justice was appointed by President Clinton and two by President Obama. Sen. Bennet was there to support both Obama appointees. Can you imagine the nature of the court had John McCain been able to appoint those two seats with Ken Buck’s support?

Michael supports equal pay for women and a woman’s right to control her body. Ken Buck opposed abortion even in cases of rape and incest, asserts that fetuses should be granted rights as persons, and has stated that he would sponsor a constitutional amendment banning abortion. Buck responded to a question about why a primary voter should select him over his primary opponent Jane Norton by stating, “because I do not wear high heels.” Buck is now trying to “buck pedal” from those statements but that is his view of women and their rights.

This is no laughing matter of a extreme politician either; there are 78 Republican candidates for Congress, including five Senate candidates that have pledged to oppose abortions in case of rape and incest. Time to wake up, friends.

On the other hand, Michael Bennet has shown leadership to get things done for families. Health care reform has been a priority for a generation. When the health insurance lobby had just about defeated the recent efforts at reform health care, Michael circulated a letter that eventually gained enough support to get health care reform passed.

If you have a friend or family member with a pre-existing illness, they will soon be able to purchase coverage due to the reforms. If you or a family member have a recent college graduate coming home and into a struggling job market, they will have the ability to join their parents’ health care plan while they find a career due to the reforms. If you know a senior citizen who was choosing between food and medicines due to the “hole” in Medicare coverage, help is on the way due to the reforms.

Elections have consequences, especially for working families and women. The Senate votes on judges who define people’s rights or who give corporations rights; senators vote on whether to enter warfare; and individual senators are granted rights to obstruct or create solutions to problems facing our country.

Vote for women, families and solutions. Vote Michael Bennet for Senate.

Robert Schultz


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