Benefits of Explore Bistro |

Benefits of Explore Bistro

Dear Editor:In the entire state of Colorado, there are only two entirely vegetarian restaurants that I know of (and very few around the country); the Watercourse in Denver and the Explore Bistro here in our home town. In our world of disease, violence and environmental devastation, eating vegetarian is a universal placebo, nurturing and protecting our own health, teaching us nonviolence to other beings and minimizing our impact on the environment through reducing the use of fossil fuels in the production of food, diminishing methane production, more directly and efficiently utilizing the energy of the sun and ensuring a more natural stewardship of the land.It has been an incredible blessing that we have enjoyed gourmet vegetarian food here in Aspen. It is equally unfortunate that we face the loss of this opportunity.It is a tragedy that those of us who properly care about our health and the well being of the world, have only one or two vegetarian options on dinner menus filled with violence, suffering, death and environmental destruction.Please save the Explore Bistro, and study the related issues of diet on health, animal rights and the environment.Christopher BrodSnowmass

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