Benefits of a new midvalley library |

Benefits of a new midvalley library

Dear Editor:Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a midvalley library something like the one in Aspen, instead of the rinky-dink one in the town of Basalt? When I walk into the spacious Aspen library, I imagine what we could have, such as space for lots of books, ample computer stations, audiobooks galore …One thing I wished for my retirement was a nearby library where I could lounge in a quiet place and browse among an array of magazines I’d never imagine subscribing to, say Popular Mechanics or Scientific American, just for the fun of it.Since I live in Willits, I was disappointed that there weren’t enough votes for a new library nearby in El Jebel. But I think the new location next to the Basalt post office is a good-enough compromise for town folk, school children and other midvalley residents. For commuters in the Basalt Regional Library District, which extends from Blue Lake to Snowmass, it’ll take only a minute to drive from the round-about turnoff at Highway 82.So, for a dream-come-true for those who’d like a new library, search near the end of the ballot and vote Yes on 4A and 4B. It’s a good idea to vote early or by absentee ballot.Karen SignellBasalt

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