Being vs. non-being |

Being vs. non-being

Regarding the Catholic church and its priesthood:

The Random House Dictionary of The English Language defines “true” as “being in accordance with the actual state of conditions; conforming to reality.”

Philosophers evidently have reduced the subject matter of truth to four major categories, namely: the performative theory, the pragmatic theory, the coherence theory, and the correspondence theory.

The last view states that “Truth consists in some correspondence between belief and fact.”

Upon employment of the correspondence theory, one would then be correct in saying that God intended human procreation to be effected by way of the heterosexual union (of male to female).

For this satisfies the belief as presented to us in Holy Scripture with the corresponding fact (empirical evidence) of human birth.

According to the Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Aristotle did not originate the correspondence theory, but took it over from Plato’s Sophist,” wherein a discussion of Being and Non-Being between Theaetetus and the Eleatic Stranger makes us aware of the beauty contained in the logical approach to moral reasoning.

Such difficult contemporary issues as abortion and homosexuality then may be resolved by way of the dialectical method.

For example, though there remain many who insist upon a “truth” that abortion does not kill life, one might consider the following. There exist but two possibilities: being and non-being.

The second consideration, however, is quite suspect in that it is but an absence of the first. Complete accuracy of reason, then, would not permit entry into that which cannot be.

Taken to the natural sexual realm, it becomes impossible to speak of that which cannot be, or, is not. Thus, it is impossible to apply moral considerations to, or act upon, that which cannot be, or, is not.

It is left, therefore, to act only upon that which is.

And, being is that which is; or, life.

Upon entering into the individual phenomenon of abortion, one is “forced” by way of reason, and its principle of logic, into the single, absolute condition: life.

Reason, therefore, makes absurd any possibility to abort that which cannot be: non-being, or, non-life.”

The Encyclopedia of Psychology explains that the usual distribution of acts of pedophilia fall out at the rate of 66 2/3 percent against young girls and 33 1/3 percent against young boys.

However, as has been reported, acts of pedophilia committed by Catholic priests defy this distribution and heavily favor acts against young boys.

Thus, while it may be said that not all homosexuals are pedophiles, it must also be said that most pedophiles within the Catholic clergy seem to be homosexual.

This presents the church with a serious problem in regard to an adequate solution which many claim can be accomplished merely by dissolving the celibacy requirement and permitting the marriage of priests.

For unless the church removes homosexuals from the present clergy and disallows the entry of homosexuals into the seminaries, future priests of homosexual persuasion, at some point, are going to demand fair and equal treatment by insisting upon homosexual marriages for themselves; and certainly, in some cases, to one another.

One can only imagine the church attempting to travel down this road.

Unless truth by way of the correspondence theory remains steadfast within Catholic scholasticism (Plato, Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas), Christ himself will have to be called upon to rewrite Holy Scripture in order to accommodate the social yearnings of post-modern Americans.

Art Allard


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