Being safer never hurts |

Being safer never hurts

Dear Editor: Being a high school student, I have been greatly affected by the school shootings. I guess some might say that those places were different they aren’t like Aspen at all but I have to question: What makes them different?It’s this question that haunts me because the first shooting was just a random act of violence and I’m worried about being prepared if it happened here. I know the school is taking steps to prevent anything from happening but if someone truly wanted to get away with something like this, they probably could. As can be seen from the recent events, the perpetrator gets huge amounts of media attention and many people will do anything to be famous, even if it means being infamous.I feel like the community and especially the students should be prepared. I wonder if maybe they could make sure each student would know how to handle the situation. I feel safe in this community but it would never hurt to feel a little safer. Arielle ShipeSnowmass

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