Behrendt will help locals

Dear Editor:

If you live in Aspen, please vote Michael Behrendt for City Council. I was privileged to serve with him on City Council in the late 1970s and know first-hand that he has the qualities that Aspen needs in its leaders. He always came to meetings informed, eager to listen, creative with solutions, and completely respectful to everyone. He was instrumental in the formation of RFTA, creation of the malls, renovation of the Wheeler, the building of the Castle Ridge apartments, and the construction of the city golf course ” projects that we now take for granted but at the time took great foresight. Behrendt can bring that ability to plan for the future to the table once again.

He also earns my respect for successfully owning and operating ” for decades ” the St. Moritz Lodge as a first-rate affordable tourist accommodation, as well as a place where locals can live modestly while they get their feet on the ground. He doesn’t just talk about supporting locals; he has done it for decades.

If you live outside city limits and cannot vote in Aspen, please encourage your friends who can to vote for Behrendt. He understands that the current paid parking system is not friendly to those of us who really want to “buy local.” Why pay extra to pick up a can of paint, buy a book, or grab a quick bite to eat? Behrendt will work to make the first hour of parking free, allow two hours of free parking during the offseason, and have free parking all day Saturdays and Sundays.

Rarely do we have an opportunity to elect a public servant with such an impressive proven record of accomplishment and the willingness to serve again. We need Behrendt now more than ever.

Ellen Anderson



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