Beeson is a proven D.A. |

Beeson is a proven D.A.

Dear Editor:

I attended debates in Rifle and Glenwood, and I’m concerned with prepared statements made by Martin Beeson’s opponent. It appears she has an issue with Beeson’s philosophy of being tough on crime and seeking justice for victims.

When I continue to hear statements like “real criminals” and “the D.A.’s office is clogging the courts for civil cases,” I become concerned and convinced that she will be soft on crime. What a preposterous statement. Beeson is not responsible for the courts’ management – the state administrator is. What would she do? Tell law enforcement to stop arresting criminals?

She also made the statement, “Once a case is seen as legal and provable, prosecutors still need to use prosecutorial discretion.” So does that mean even though it’s provable, she doesn’t think it fits under her definition of a “real crime” and therefore wouldn’t prosecute?

As a citizen, I want a district attorney who will make sure that “real criminals” are put where they need to be to protect our citizens and children, not someone who is more worried about civil cases and how the “clogging of the courts” is affecting their pocketbooks. I have researched Beeson and Caloia and found a letter to the editor in The Aspen Times, published Aug. 13, 2005, about Caloia’s conduct while representing the town of Marble. I strongly urge you to read the article. She was described as vengeful, bitter, caustic and one who exercises poor judgment and atrocious fiscal responsibility. I don’t personally know Caloia but have heard similar statements, and I don’t think that’s what we need as a district attorney.

It seems to me that Beeson runs the D.A.’s office with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Take the time to look at his record and all of the successful cases he has prosecuted. Beeson’s office uses sound judgment when deciding whether to go to trial or make plea deals. He has been fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. Beeson is a proven prosecutor, and that’s what we need in our county.

Vote for Beeson for our district attorney.

Kim Vallario


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