Becoming ordinary? |

Becoming ordinary?

Aspen is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the world. So, why in the world would our city want to go into a partnership with any individual (in this case, Klaus Obermeyer) who wants to change the height limit of structures, along with the laws of the stream margin review? This would cause grave damage to those who have abided by the laws that are in place.

The plan of closing off Rio Grande Place and bringing the structures forward toward the river would make them seem even taller down in Oklahoma Flats where I live, and the view of the mountains would disappear from sight. Since the buildings would cut the sunlight, it would become colder and darker in the winter.

But I’m not just talking about my neighborhood. What about those who walk the Rio Grande Trail or enjoy using, or strolling by, the Rio Grande Park? Would they rather look at a massive commercial development instead of Aspen Mountain? Is this the first step that leads to Aspen becoming ordinary instead of distinctive?

Ed Van Deusen


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