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Become a Buddy

The Buddy Program offers an avenue for young people in the Roaring Fork Valley to benefit from mentors. Mentorship offers unique, one-on-one support to young people in a variety of ways.

Acceptance, love and guidance empower kids to make good decisions. Responsible children grow into adults who have a positive influence in the community.

Today, kids are challenged by living in busy homes or without extended families near. Being a positive influence in a Junior Buddy’s life promises to offer a positive influence in the Big Buddy’s life, too.

Becoming a Big Buddy involves an initial interview and background checks. Then, the two Buddies are matched, based on interest. Activities could include skiing, hiking, camping, cooking, reading, crafting, hanging out and more.

Sounds like fun, huh? The Buddy Program offers support for the relationship through monthly case management, youth counseling, group activities and local discount cards. Big Buddies are asked to make a commitment of a year.

There is always a list of both boys and girls waiting for Big Buddies throughout the valley. Right now, there is a great need for male mentors.

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Patty Galmore, Senior Buddy volunteer


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