Because of Kids First … |

Because of Kids First …

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

My wife and I are thankful every day that we get to live and work in the Roaring Fork Valley. Ever-mounting obstacles make it increasingly difficult to have a career and a family here. Thankfully, past decisions by Aspen voters have shown that this environment values young, working families that help it stay vibrant and authentic.

It’s unfortunate, Mr. Marolt, that you believe your kids didn’t benefit from the childcare tax (“Roger This,” Aspen Times, April 2). But maybe you should ask the families of the 40 infants, toddlers and preschoolers at Roaring Fork Kids if Kids First and the tax dollars that fund them have done “nothing.”

Because of Kids First, my wife and I can keep our jobs. Because of Kids First, I feel secure and confident in the daycare my two young kids attend. Because of Kids First, our friends were able to have quality daycare despite having dramatically reduced wages due to local layoffs. Because of Kids First, this community is special.

I understand your point about protecting those dollars from erroneous use. Your understanding of what those tax dollars have delivered, however, is surprisingly misguided.

Tim Braun

El Jebel