Beautiful and illogical |

Beautiful and illogical

Elize Flug’s proselytizing letter of Jan. 30 (Aspen Times) is startling in its arrogant and little-concealed contempt for Aspen and the intelligence of its residents (implicitly she has found a more meaningful existence in the “real world, underground in New York”). What’s more, her message is a triumph of style over substance, beautifully written yet lacking in the most basic of logic.

Anyone who has sat sheltered between the walls of Matsuhisa, she reasons, cannot possibly know the real worth of (let alone make an impact with) his statements or her actions. What folly to oppose a war, she asserts, when you obviously have no idea of the toils or struggles of a man who cleans subway doors for a living?

If I may reply to some more of this brilliance:

“War is everywhere and it is in everything.” No, it is not. War is neither ubiquitous nor unavoidable. To believe otherwise is fatalistic, apathetic or psychotic. Which are you?

“Wishing for fantasy will never bring peace.” Indeed it won’t, though speaking out against the violence of war might.

“War promotes discussion.” No, Ms. Flug, war promotes death.

“The real war we should be fighting is the war to end stupidity.” Agreed! So you’ll be there Saturday?

“Education is the answer, not the protesting of George Bush.” Damn, and I checked, “(c) All of the above.”

“Wake up, you ski bums!” I am truly overcome with awe at your skill in relating to other humans.

You know, I’m thinking perhaps a day of skiing and a couple hours at a good old-fashioned peace demonstration (maybe dinner at Matsuhisa?) might be just the ticket to cure whatever ails this obnoxious, jaded little subway-dwelling Elize Flug.

Clearly, though, she has more pressing business in the real world.

Mick McQuilton


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