Beast of Self |

Beast of Self

Dear Editor:Regarding David Blazier’s letter of Aug. 17, “Tony as God”, I feel that some comment is warranted. I don’t recall Tony ever claiming to be “God,” so it must be a state that was imposed upon him by D. Blazier, therefore making the whole premise flawed. However, with thanks, apologies and admission of plagiarism, here is my re-creation of his tirade of filth. Choose one or more! Quote: “Why is [Ted Rall, Molly Ivins, Bill Press, Alecia Evens] God? Because he/she represents all that our present society values in an individual: loneliness and egotistical self-destruction. He/she is possessed with a relentless entwined and an obsessed infatuation with the actions of others. Lost in materialism and bent within the intolerance, which is incarcerating his/her withering soul, his/her misplaced and preoccupied writing, is the animation that exposes the real frustration and resting violence he/she contains within himself/herself. (Ted Rall, Molly Ivins, Bill Press, Alecia Evans) hard and stubborn unwillingness to get along with others in order to help his/her own self multiplies his/her self-destructive denial to change for his/her necessary enlightenment and personal growth. This is the creation of his/her ruin. This is the vehicle for his/her inanition and is certainly the means toward the very end of his/her own soul – his/her soul, of course, is being sold to the marketplace for 40 bucks a week.(Ted Rall, Molly Ivins, Bill Press, Alecia Evans) has become our symbol of the present-day needless apocalypse of all mankind – a slow ruin, but one by which is now being accomplished daily individual-by-individual soul. (Ted Rall, Molly Ivins, Bill Press, Alecia Evans) is God because he/she is mankind. Never mind that now he/she is a bacteria-laced catfish dying in a drought-stricken pool of self-deception. Merely the Beast of Self, the remnants of his/her soul are purposely being dismantled Thursday after Thursday. He/she feeds now on his/her own regurgitated feces of misinformation while he/she writes toxic in a solution of urine made deadly with egoism and stupidity. (Ted Rall, Molly Ivins, Bill Press, Alecia Evans) never the less is God, and he/she has found his/her way as a black blot upon the Aspen Daily News/Aspen Times each week. He/she will eventually complete his/her demise and become a soulless, infinite carcinogenic growth of negative pus that manifests itself everywhere each Thursday. To read him/her will be to read of God as an idol of epidemic proportions who, for one’s self-preservation, must be viewed with heavy-duty toxic-waste suits and elephant-grade vomit bags.” So sayeth the scripture of David Blazier!Peter NicklinAspenAspen

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