Bearing witness to another love in Snowmass Village |

Bearing witness to another love in Snowmass Village

Remember that shot of nervous excitement you got when you met the person who would become your spouse? That moment you knew and you felt it in your soul: the exhilaration, the joy, the bliss.

It is a feeling you never forget and still get from time to time. It came to me again Tuesday after a beautiful sunrise.

I love you after 25 years, babe, but this one isn’t about you.

Walking from our condo to the bus stop early Tuesday morning, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw my third bear of the summer. We locked eyes, both of us frozen for a moment before I slowly moved back and took refuge behind a pickup truck about 100 yards away.

My first bear this summer I saw while driving the road to Marble in early July — a bruin poked his head out of the bushes for a few seconds before going back; the second was from the comforts of a RFTA bus heading up Brush Creek Road just after leaving the Intercept Lot two weeks ago.

But this one was different. So it was Tuesday morning that I got that shot of first-love adrenaline. Beautiful, awesome, invigorating.

Question: If it’s 7 a.m., and there is a bear roaming the complex, is it my neighborly duty to yell “bear!” as a warning, or do I just let him meander past the buildings on his morning stroll like me?

When we moved into our Snowmass Village place in May, my neighbor mentioned in passing that a bear had been in our condo last year. I thought he was trying to pull one over on the new guy and I laughed it off. But a couple days later, our property manager mentioned a bear in our master bedroom.

“It’s crazy but he didn’t do any damage,” Steve said. “He just went in, walked around and went back out the window. Kind of strange, really.”

OK, maybe this isn’t a prank. Sure enough, upon closer examination, I spotted the subtle claw marks on the windowsill, on the outside and inside, and a stray piece of bear hair stuck in the crank arm of the window, which is about 5 feet off the ground. The pride of ownership hit me with a smile; I own a certified bear abode.

I still love seeing you as often as I can, Honey Bear. … Oh, and you too, Amy.

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