Bear breaks into Brush Creek home |

Bear breaks into Brush Creek home

Chad Abraham

A reminder during bear season: Lock your doors and windows.That was the lesson a family in the Brush Creek area learned Tuesday. Howard Baker said his family, including three young children, were staying with his in-laws at their home on Juniper Hill Road. A glass door was open about six inches when the family went to sleep Monday night.Around 2:30 Tuesday morning, the family’s baby sitter was upstairs when she “heard things being thrown around,” Baker said. The bear had moved the glass door and ripped a screen out of another door to get inside.The animal then found a feast.”[It] ate a whole bag of cherries, M&Ms, Entenmann’s cakes, doughnuts, cereal,” Baker said.The bear next moved to a closed pantry door, which proved a small barrier to letting the banquet continue. It proceeded to eat more cereal, and “chocolate pudding was all over the place,” Baker said. “It cleaned out the pantry.”A 30-foot trail of food was all that remained when the family awoke Tuesday. The bear left the way it had entered.The experience “is a warning for other people not to leave their windows open,” Baker said.He said it was frightening knowing the bear was in the home with his children – ages 10, 8 and 4 – “especially if the 4-year-old had [awoken] in the middle of the night and walked up and heard somebody out there thinking it’s one of us.”Wildlife officials came to the home Tuesday to help with preventive measures if, or more likely when, the bear returns.Chad Abraham’s e-mail address is