Be there for Schwartz |

Be there for Schwartz

Dear Editor:Please join me in voting for Gail Schwartz for Colorado state senator. I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Gail for more than a decade, and she has been a phenomenal role model. I first came to know her when she served on the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and I was an elected official from southwest Colorado. In later years, I served as the liaison to the Board of Regents from the Colorado Department of Higher Education. I saw her in action many, many times. I quickly came to respect and admire her work ethic, her selflessness and her dogged determination to do the right thing.From years of personal observation, I know for a fact that she is a tireless, relentless advocate for Colorado’s students. Don’t for a minute believe the opposition’s ridiculous representations about her record. Gail fought tuition raises for years as a member of CCHE and later as a regent. Why did she eventually vote for the raise? The state Legislature, led by the opposition-controlled Joint Budget Committee and approved by the governor, consistently cut funding for Colorado’s institutions of higher learning. She made the right choice, but it was a choice forced by the Legislature’s lack of support for higher ed. We need Gail’s service in that august body to turn things around for our students.Gail will bring that same determination and work ethic to environmental, rural and Western Slope issues. She favors renewable energy, clean air and water, more funding for rural education, clean drinking water and toilets for farm workers, and health care and basic health screenings. Gail is that individual that truly wants to make a difference for all the right reasons. Importantly, Gail is accessible. When I served as a local elected official, she was consistently and enthusiastically open to local concerns. I did not have that same experience with her opponent whose record on local control is poor. She always makes time for constituents and has a listening ear. Gail has a big heart for public service.She has always been there for our students and for our community; you be there for them too! Join me in casting your vote for Gail Schwartz.Shirley TiptonAspen

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