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Be like Boulder

When I lived in Aspen for 10 years through the ?80’s, I could go cross-country skiing or on long hikes right from my in-town apartment. I’d revel in the unrestricted open spaces so close to my home, across Fritz Benedict’s land to the east, up Hunter Creek, across open fields between my home and the AABC.

Now, when I return to visit, I find big houses sitting on that pristine land, gated and restricted, with roundabouts and golf cart thoroughfares snaking through the once open fields.

I dread to think what Aspen would be like with a 400-foot tunnel through the only remaining open space, the Marolt property, within quick reach of Aspen proper ? or a thundering four-lane highway across the beautiful Castle Creek Valley.

My current hometown of Boulder has reckoned well with the needs of a burgeoning population while steadfastly preserving and adding onto its open spaces for future generations.

Please, voters, think twice before sacrificing the beautiful Marolt to the maw of the highway developers’ machines. Or soon the only open space left in Aspen will be inside those great empty houses.

Sherry Guest Bruff


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