Be consistent, please |

Be consistent, please

What is with our elected city leaders?

We have a city staff that approved a business license for the Popsicle Peddler (aka “Popsicle Lady”). This is a charming business and a delightful addition to our town – kudos to the staff for their initial wisdom in awarding this license.

However, our great city staff then revoked the license after the Popsicle Lady and her husband had made the sizable investment into their Popsicle cart and freezers.

We then have a city police department that allowed an “artist” (and fellow police officer) to circle the roundabout most of the day Thursday, citing that it was a public road and he was free to do so (even though he was definitely impeding traffic at 5 p.m. rush hour!).

Be consistent city leaders. Let the Popsicle Lady sell her Popsicles on our public roads too: let her be free to be an “artist” in our town. She is a whole lot more colorful than a Ryder truck circling the roundabout!

Jane Pargiter


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