Be careful out there |

Be careful out there

Dear Editor:An article in the November/December edition of EnCompass from AAA urges parents to talk with their teenager about driving: “Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers. The combination of lack of experience and overconfidence can be catastrophic.”It is only mid-November, and there have already been serious accidents on Highway 82. Would your teen know how to react to a spinning truck? Would they know how to react to the intoxicated woman driving in the wrong direction on Highway 82 at 70 mph? Would you? Since Sheriff Braudis thinks that driving responsibly (compliance) is up to the individual, and RFTA believes that keeping to their schedule is more important than driving safely, it is up to us as parents to make sure our kids stay safe. AAA states, “Overseeing and restricting your teen’s driving privileges can be contentious … but the stakes are high … and can be a life-saving decision.”A national survey by AAA found that distracted drivers are the No. 1 safety concern of AAA members. In Pitkin County, my No. 1 concern is distracted driver who excessively speeds. Without law enforcement, it is only a matter of time before someone gets killed on Highway 82.Take the time to talk to your kids about winter driving. And for everyone else, be careful out there. Kim VieiraAspen Village

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