Be careful on the Ute |

Be careful on the Ute

I am an experienced hiker, and for the first time in years I was on the Ute Trail Saturday morning. As I approached the top, flying rocks came down and a big one hit me on the right eye. I am badly wounded, and without my sunglasses (Oakley!), which saved me from a lot worse, I would not be writing to you this morning.

A big thank you to my friends, the Fox family, visiting from Miami, who took great care of me.

Something must be done so it doesn’t happen again. This trail is overused and the dry weather isn’t the only thing responsible for the flying rocks. PLEASE be careful with your footing – no running or switchbacks cutting. It is NOT a playground for kids and there are a lot of alternative trails for fitness training (ask me, I’m a trainer).

Please BE RESPONSIBLE, otherwise you might just be the next victim … which I certainly don’t wish to anybody.

Catherine Cussaguet


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