Be careful about careerism |

Be careful about careerism

Careerism is usually considered a positive path to follow, except when integrity is abandoned for personal advancement and protection.

This is particularly true when there is a lack of compassion in the bureaucratic process in any level of governmental function. In the vernacular, “Cover your ass! To hell with anyone but me and my career!”

As Aspen has grown, and more and more persons have had to be hired, a distance from the population’s desires and mores, so attractive in our town, have disappeared – i.e. our wonderful messy vitality.

Our elected officials have become more important to protect the rights of all of us from authoritarian abuse. If they fail to hold the “hired hands” in check, the Aspen we all know and love will become just another mean-spirited community.

Maybe an indoctrination of employees as to what Aspen is, coupled with a strong ombudsman program would be of help. The ombudsman would not be bound by bureacratic red tape and could report transgressions directly to our elected officials – and, if necessary, to the press without fear of retribution.

We must restore compassion and understanding to our community. If the bureaucrats become real Aspenites, they will have more fun and have a more productive life.

Taylor Gamblin


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