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Dear Editor:Buddy + buddy = FUN and positively impacted lives!I am writing this because I can hardly contain myself, again, after spending a few hours with my “little buddy.” Actually, he turned fourteen years old recently and isn’t that “little” anymore.He and I have been buddies through the Buddy Program, one of the most impactful not-for-profit organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley, for almost four years.Being a Big-Buddy has actually been a pretty selfish endeavor. I learn more about myself than I’d imagined, have great fun, and see the positive results of mentorship every time I get together with my buddy.Every kid needs someone to talk to, an example to follow, and a little guidance every now and then. And every adult could use a reminder from a kid at how to loosen up and to make having fun a priority in life.We can all benefit from mentorship in our lives no matter what our age and there is a huge need in our great valley for mentors for our kids. Kids are even on waiting lists because there are not enough Big Buddies! I find that hard to believe, but it’s true!Please consider making a little time in your life to make a huge difference in a child’s life through mentorship with the Buddy Program. A couple of hours a month will go a long way! Come join our “family” of Buddies for free apps and drinks, Tuesday, August 29, at the Riverside Grill in Basalt. Call The Buddy Program at 927-1001 in Basalt or 925-5717 in Aspen for more details!Dr. Bill Boehm Basalt

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The town of Basalt is working on an update to its 2007 master plan. The document will be a blueprint for how and where the town will grow. But the family that has owned a 180-acre ranch at the edge of town for nearly 60 years objected Tuesday to the document’s parameters for its property.

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