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Be a Buddy

Dear Editor:

Don’t most of us choose to live in this valley because of the people it attracts and the quality of life offered by its surroundings? Many of the positive influences we experience come from people who make an effort to enhance their surroundings.

Therefore, I attribute the beauty of this valley to those who have contributed a portion of their time and/or money to philanthropy. Those who are involved in this community see firsthand the results of their efforts. Our somewhat isolated community can often be seen as a role model to the world because of our strong desire to lead.

The Buddy Program is one of the organizations in this valley that has such a powerful role in shaping our future here. By integrating children in need of one additional person in their lives with someone who simply cares about them, the results are tremendous.

Lots of people worry about failure when it comes to mentoring, but it could not be easier. Participating in one of the dozens of program activities with a Little Buddy or just spending quality time with them is a guarantee of fun and life enhancement.

My wish is that the growing list of future Little Buddies waiting to be paired can get started soon with a Big Buddy. Those who volunteer will quickly discover that small piece of their life that has been missing and what a large impact it has.

The Buddy Program’s biggest fundraising efforts of the year start on Friday, the Fourth of July, with the Boogie’s Diner Buddy 5-Mile Race and carry on into Saturday with Boogie’s Bash for the Buddies. Please contact the Buddy Program at 920-2130 to see what you could best offer to this amazing team. More than 300 children are currently getting the little extra attention it takes to make a difference in the outcome of their lives and the success of our community.

Chad Yates

board member, The Buddy Program