Battered in Basalt |

Battered in Basalt

Dear Editor:

As a Basalt resident I was already aware of the fact that the local constabulary has a habit of trawling the bars as part of their “community policing” efforts – irritating, but I understand what they are trying to accomplish.

What I don’t understand is why I was aggressively dragged off my barstool last night, pummeled to the floor, punched repeatedly in the arms and snapped far too tightly into cuffs! All because they objected to an innocuous, threat-free and expletive-free comment as they left the bar.

I had done nothing wrong. I am a local citizen and property owner in good standing. I wasn’t disorderly or drunk. I was never asked to leave the premises by the owner or staff. I merely exercised my right to free speech and freedom from arbitrary arrest. And for these all I have to show are cut, bruised and swollen forearms, a tweaked shoulder and shattered illusions.

Welcome to the police state of Basalt.

Ian Gray


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